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April 8, 2012

Four Slides

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A few recent (well, sort of – taken December 2011) pinhole shots taken with the Agfa Clack on long-expired Fuji Provia.

First, here’s a regular 5 minute exposure:

Next, two double exposures (though I mostly like the simplicity of creating multiple exposures with old mechanical cameras, the second of these was an accident):

And here’s a long exposure taken while riding the bike, with the camera attached to the handlebar:

Finally, here’s a digital snapshot of the Agfa taken the very day I took these photos, Prontor Cable Release attached:


September 10, 2011

Two hours

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One and a half hours before sunrise:

Half an hour before sunset:

Both images taken this summer with Leica M4P and pinhole body cap 28mm f/128 on Agfapan 100

November 6, 2010

Dogs Are Not Natural Pinhole Photography Models

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Baltic Sea coast earlier this autumn. Leica M w/ 25mm hole and orange filter, rock as a tripod, 2 sec. approx. on Rollei Retro 400 film

August 17, 2010

When 2.5 hours of exposure still aren’t enough

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Earlier this summer we spent a few days cycling along the eastern German Baltic Sea coast. One night on the beach, with nothing more than the stars above us, I used the pinhole-modded Agfa Clack for some long-time exposures of up to 2.5 hours. This turned out to still be way too short though; here’s a first contact scan, heavily adjusted to at least show some structure; on the light table there’s hardly anything to see on the negative at all. – Well, let’s pretend those dust specks I didn’t care to retouch are the stars 🙂

April 30, 2010

WPPD 2010: My Contribution

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My son’s soccer team warming up, later to win 7:0. Taken with the modded Agfa Clack on Tri-X 400, using a yellow filter, ca. 1sec exposure. Clicking the image leads to the official gallery.

April 22, 2010

Don’t forget: April 25 is Pinhole Day

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Well, the headline says it all… This year’s last April sunday marks pinhole day’s 10th anniversary. Let’s all go out and find a great spot to photograph through a small hole! (If I’m not mistaken, this year will see my fourth contribution.)

February 3, 2010

Getting Rid of the Dust on Your Scans

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It’s not just the act of taking the photo that’s slowed down by exposing through a pinhole; here I’m also encountering certain specific difficulties in postprocessing, namely in undusting pinhole negative scans. That’s because the automated anti-dust routines in imaging software tend to work best in blurry, out-of-focus areas of an image while pinhole images usually aren’t out of focus. So here’s how I clean up dusty negatives:

November 29, 2009

Mixing Fringe Techniques

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Lately I’m experimenting with two different fringe photographic techniques combined: Shooting pinhole on C41 film, then developing in a special “low color” process. Resulting images are not exactly fine art, but I like what’s happening 🙂


Hamburg, Planten un Blomen park, Gingko tree. Captured on Kodak Portra 160NC film w/ Agfa Clack 6x9 pinhole

November 18, 2009

Point-and-Shoot, 1950’s Style

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My pinhole-modded Agfa Clack got a sister a while ago. Looks pretty much like the first one (so no new hardware photo) except for the lens which remains the original 1-element glass. Quite affordable at 5 Euro, even complete with leather bag this time!

Hamburg-Wandsbek. Tri-X at Push +1

With that baby you can happily snap along at 1/35 second and choose between “far” and “close” as well as between f-stops /11 and /13,5. While not as reduced as pinholing, using this tool still feels archaic and out-of-season. More pictures from the first film over at Silberpixel starting here, one per week through mid-December.

October 2, 2009

Rhythm of the Street(car)

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090906 03_560

On a streetcar in Gelsenkirchen, ca. 15 minutes exposure time on Tri-X 400 with the Agfa Clack.

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